Virtual Self-care

Virtual Self-care

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Bring the clinic into your home with a digital skin consultation.

Consult fee will be credited towards product purchase or service. 

Must be used within 7 days of consult.

Having glowing and healthy skin requires much more than just washing your face and slapping a cream on.  It requires a multi faceted approach by addressing your skin both internally and externally. Unlike other skin assessments that skim the surface, I love to dive deep. I will help you achieve your skin goals by using a comprehensive and holistic approach where I assess internal and external such as proper nutrition, digestive support, lifestyle changes and treatment plan.

We will discuss:

  • Your main skin concerns, expectations and goals.
  • Health history, diet and overall lifestyle. 
  • Your current skin care routine and products.
  • Any questions you might have.

You will receive a customized program to get you on the right path to self love and healthy and glowing skin. Includes:

  • EDUCATION on unique factors that may be causing your skin condition. May  include food choices, hormonal birth control, medications, and stress.
  • SUPPLEMENTS may be recommended and carefully selected for you to support and boost your nutritional intake and overall skin health needs.   
  • PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE RECOMMENDATIONS to address your main skin concerns and promote long-term skin health.
  • LIFESTYLE recommendations to help you maintain your glow for many years to come!
  • Follow up and 1-1 connection.

Once your consultation is complete, you will receive personalized product recommendations in 48 hours (or sooner) and a thorough customized beneficial routine. At an additional cost you may also receive a delivery of a virtual facial in a box and a mini facial-massage masterclass.  All consultations are private and confidential and designed to get to the root of your skin issues.

Remember results take time: Small consistent changes lead to long-term sustainable results. Having healthy radiant skin is a multi faceted approach requiring dedication, consistency and commitment. Your skin condition didn't happen overnight therefore addressing them will take time.